Exhibition Opening



May 24 - June 24, 2018

Front Room Gallery
New York City

Select images from the "New York to Los Angeles" will be on view along with works of fellow artist Zoe Wetherall.

STRATA: May 24 - June 24, 2018
Exhibition Opening: Thursday, May 24th 7pm - 9pm
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Front Room Gallery
48 Hester Street
New York, NY 10002

Gas & Glamour - Los Angeles

The Donut Hole, La Puente, Los Angeles

The Donut Hole, La Puente, Los Angeles

A new body of work - Gas & Glamour: Roadside Architectural Treasures of Los Angeles is an exploration of celebratory vernacular architecture that was produced as a direct result of LA's optimistic “car culture” in the mid-century and onwards. 

If you are in New York City on Tuesday, March 19, come join me for a presentation at the NY Photosalon hosted at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan (136 W 21st St. Rm 418) at 6.30pm.  

Not Your Average Bagpipe Band

The Swamibapa Pipe Band is an Indian American Scottish bagpipe band based in a Hindu temple in New Jersey. I made several portraits of the band members as part of a larger body of work that challenges audiences to reassess basic assumptions about identity and to regard each individual as solely defined by a personally chosen array of affiliations. 

These images recently appeared in The New York Times and you can read more about their story here.

South of the Convergence

Antarctica is one of those few places left on Earth where there has never been war and where the environment is fully protected thanks to The Antarctic Treaty.  However, in 2048 this treaty comes up for global discussion and there are strong fears that it could be dismantled, thus opening up the fragile environment of the last frontier to the development and exploitation by global corporations.

In 2014, I made a series of images titled South of the Convergence during travels to the southernmost continent of Antarctica.

I photographed icebergs and ice floes from the deck of my icebreaker ship, and I started observing the fast-changing shapes and textures on the ocean surface as we were entering Antarctic waters.  

I wanted to reinterpret the surrounding ether of the ocean surface and the natural structures of ice in a way that freed myself from the subject matter, and the ambiguity of scale and substance helped the subject transcend its source which started to lose its original identity.  The landscape around me was transformed into a non-object, often drawing a wide range of associations with aerial, interplanetary and lunar landscapes and thus encouraging the viewer to look at Antarctica, abstracted from its vast landscape and sparking conversation about preserving this last untouched continent's natural beauty.  


Zabriskie Point

The above image was made in Death Valley, California on an early morning walk to Zabriskie Point in one of my favorite (yet somehow underrated, if I may say) National Parks. Being a city dweller, I often draw inspiration in my work from nature. Sometimes I have to travel far and other times that "sacred place" could be right in my own backyard. These images represent that sense of intangibility, timelessness, and renewal as well as the blurring of lines between the fleeting and the permanent, the transient and the immovable in my quest for what is sacred.

I am delighted that this image will be featured in this year's Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art from November 9-12 in Brooklyn, New York. If you would like to attend, you can visit nyc.theotherartfair.com/comp and use code asinha to receive complimentary admission. 

I look forward to seeing many of you there!

Makarska Swimmers

One of my all-time favorite images is this one I had made on a beautiful summer day in Croatia. I was walking around the tiny port town of Makarska when I came across a local swim team getting ready to do their daily practice laps in the Adriatic Sea. As I got closer to the group, no one took notice except for their (rather loud) instructor who was belting out commands to the group of young swimmers.

I am often drawn by ordinary life scenes in unfamiliar places, and wanted to make an image that told a story about life in this small town. As I framed the shot with the backdrop of the port behind the swimmers, I hoped for that moment when the entire group lined up exactly the way I wanted them.

F/16 @ 1/80s, 50mm at ISO 100

Traveling the Gobi

Driving through Mongolia's Gobi desert is quite an experience.  No roads, no sign and not a soul in sight.  Just huge swaths of empty barren land where direction is guided by tire tracks on the ground. 

Encountering fellow travelers is quite special, if you are lucky that is.  

Last Winter Sunset

I usually don't photograph sunsets. But this was a special one.  The following morning would bring a new season - spring was finally upon us!  A time for renewal and rejuvenation.  Although it doesn't quite feel like it, and winter still seems to linger around, I am looking forward to longer days and enjoying the city's many outdoor activities.  As for shooting sunsets, I will probably wait for the next Manhattanhenge.