A Time To Pause


I make it a point to visit at least one National Park every year. This year I was cutting it close and it didn’t happen until late December when I went on a trip to Death Valley National Park in California. I was hoping to create some personal work and in the process, reinvigorate myself with new energy for the year ahead.

On one of the many excursions I took, I came upon a park bench perched at the entrance of a small trail, and I was intrigued by its relative odd placement. As throngs of people hurriedly walked right past it hoping to make it to the top of the hill that overlooked an impressive canyon, most hardly noticed this bench at all. I decided to pause instead. Sitting on the bench and taking in the sights for a few extra minutes before continuing made me absorb the serene energy of the place and I felt inspired. I began to reflect upon the past year and started thinking about how I could do things better in the coming year . I couldn’t really articulate what it was and just as I was about to get up from my seat and hit the trail to the top, it hit me. It was that bench! It dawned upon me that in the past year, I had been too caught up in making my run for the top without taking the moment to pause and cherish the journey from time to time. From that moment, I decided I’ll do things differently. Take the time when I can to pause, and continue to strive to be brilliant in my work.

I had come to Death Valley in search of inspiration. Who knew a meagre park bench would make such a difference? Below are a few more images from my trip.