Reminiscing India

The world's largest democracy celebrates January 26th as the day its constitution came into effect and the country officially became a fully independent republic. This day is symbolic (to say the least) to millions of Indians, however, when I think of symbolic images that I made in India, the one of the Taj Mahal comes to mind first. It was an early winter morning and I wanted to make a picture that not only captured the massive scale of the Taj but also exemplified a distinct sense of place.  The banks of the Yamuna River that runs alongside was the perfect location.  As I was about to set up the shot, I saw two people in the distance who had also come to enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning on the river banks.  I made quite a few images, but this one was definitely my favorite.

Shot on Canon 5D, 200mm F/11 at 1/25 sec