Shooting from the Air

At least a few times a year, I jump on a flight between New York and Los Angeles and despite all the hassles of air travel, I look forward to the cross-continental trip. While many of my fellow passengers find ways to pass the time during the long flight, I am usually glued to the window next to my seat watching the world passing by thousands of feet below.

Some of the images I have made over the years have become part of an ongoing series aptly titled New York to Los Angeles. I do not use any special photographic equipment in making these images, but I am careful in choosing airlines' specific flight routes and seat assignments as well as shooting only during extremely short timeframes during a typical flight. 

I am especially excited that these images will be part of a two month show titled At Scale presented by Uprise Art and Sherle Wagner Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas.  For more information about the exhibition, please visit this page.  I hope some of you can make it.