Stormy Sails

The Olympics are in full swing … and if you ask me, I have had a bit too much of seeing swimming events on TV (and oh how I wished NBC would broadcast them live in the first place!). However, in keeping with the spirit of the games and all things aquatic, I thought I write something about the daily sailboat races that crisscross the lower Hudson all summer long, right here in New York!

I am not a sports photographer per se, but once in a while when I get the opportunity to shoot sailing races at the Manhattan Sailing Club, I can’t say no. Being on the river for a few hours is fun on any given day, however, my favorites are the days when late-day thunderstorms roll across the Hudson, casting its ominous shadow over the city. The gift of the dramatic landscape however comes with a price – seasickness. Being tossed around like a rubber ball in a small rubber dinghy (lovingly dubbed the “Greyhound”) with all my camera gear is no fun, and despite various precautions I take before I jump into it, nothing seems to quite work. 

After a three hour session of shooting, long after the storms have passed and I’m back on dry land, it takes me a while to nurse that jarring headache but when I look at the images of the stormy sky and those fluttering white sails, I seem to forget easily.