Through the Wetlands

I'm a full-time city dweller and rarely do I get to spend enough time in nature. That's probably why I seek every opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors when I'm on the road. Given that it is World Wetlands Day today, I am reminded of my trip to the wetlands in Kerala, India.

It is quite a magical place, where time seems to move at a slow pace. You are surrounded by a canopy of green as you make your way through the narrow waterways that spread like arteries in this vast wetlands area.  There are many ways to see and appreciate the beauty and peacefulness of the Kerala backwaters, but I chose to go the old school route - on a hand powered wooden fishing boat.  As we slowly moved through the stillness of the forest, I took in deep breaths of that oxygen-rich air and began to lose myself to the ripples of the shallow waters.  I can almost hear it if I close my eyes now.  

Shot on Canon 5D, 80mm F/3.2 at 1/100 sec